CEN workshop Agreement (CWA)

The main goal of SPRINT project is to create a quality European framework for internships with the support of standardization.

This framework will be developped via a CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) that is a draft for consultations that later will need to go through an open consultation to be officially recognised by CEN (European Committee for Standardization).
This draft will be writted via a CEN workshop which is a consensus working group driven and open to direct participation of any interested party.
The process of CWA is explained here.

The results of the research led in O1 (research on indicators and standards for quality internships) allowed to identify best practices and indicators for quality internships to be promoted in CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA).

Based on these good practices, SPRINT partners agreed on the indicators they wanted to propose in the European framework for internships.

CWA's steps are the following :

  1. Project plan / April - November 2018 with a commenting phase in September 2018 (30 days)
  2. Kick-off meeting of CEN workshop / November 9th 2018: approval of the project plan for the CEN Workshop on European Quality Framework for Internships (CEN WS 095)
  3. Drafting / November 2018 - July 2019: CEN workshop participants work on CWA draft and inputs are gathered
  4. Adoption of CWA / September - October 2019: 60 days open commenting phase by CEN + November 2019: Disposition of comments on draft CWA
  5. Publication of CWA on CEN website / February 2020 when CEN approve CWA


Drafting phase:
CEN workshop participants provide an expert's opinion on the content, extracting relevant information, analysing the content, while keeping in mind the European-wide perspective:

November-December 2018 / SPRINT partners worked on the first draft as an input for CWA.
January 7th 2019 / First draft of CWA was sent to CEN workshop participants for comments.
January 18th 2019 / Second draft of CWA with updated chapters was sent to CEN workshop participants for comments.
January 21st 2019 / Compilation of workshop participants' comments.
January 23rd 2019 / First CEN workshop meeting was organised in AFNOR with all participants in order to work on CWA draft by exchanging on participants' comments and approving inputs.
April 11th 2019 / Second CEN workshop meeting
May 7th 2019 / Third CEN workshop meeting

Adoption phase:
Draft of CWA is going to be open for comments during a two-month period on CEN website (September-October 2019).

The final CWA will presents the core, where all the best practices and criteria will be gathered in the European framework for quality internships. It will represent the broad agreement on quality internships based on the expertise regarding existing best practices, input from broader public and final consensus among all different stakeholders.