O4 - Online self-assessment on internships for host organizations

Specific objective:
The online self assessment enables host organizations to test and assess their approach regarding internships.
It also provides host organizations with feedbacks on their internship programme(s).
The criteria for the assessment are the ones developed in the CWA on European Criteria for Quality Internships.

The online self-assessment is available in English, French, Italian, Slovene and German.
Thanks to this tool, the host organization is invited to reply to several questions regarding its internship programme. These questions are structured around the 8 quality criteria for internships developed within the SPRINT project as follows:

  1. recruitment
  2. written agreement
  3. remuneration
  4. skills development
  5. tutoring
  6. career development and employment
  7. work environment and working conditions
  8. social protection and insurance

At the end of the self-assessment, the host organization submits it and obtains its results. Then, the organization is able to see what has been accomplished in terms of quality internships. Advice will also be given on how to make the extra steps towards a successful internship programme.
The results can be downloaded and the host organization can also get the guide for implementation process of quality internships for host organizations.

Intellectual output n°4:
The online self-assessment is a available: here

Leading partner organization: