Specific objective:
The first objective of the SPRINT project was to create a “European Quality framework for Internships” that would be recognized and accepted by all types of organizations that could offer internships. The material result was the publication of the CWA on European Criteria for Quality Internships.

CWA stands for CEN Workshop Agreement, CEN being the European Committee for Standardisation1. A CWA is a document agreed by the participants of a CEN Workshop, which offers a common and reliable agreement upon a framework (Source: CEN GUIDE 29).
The CWA on European Criteria for Quality Internships is a document that outlines quality criteria to ensure that internships are of value to both host organizations and interns. Besides providing clear terms and definitions, the CWA describes eight key quality criteria for internships supported by a presentation of the best practices and recommendations identified in different countries:
1. Recruitment
2. Written (tripartite) agreement
3. Remuneration
4. Skills development
5. Tutoring
6. Career development and employment
7. Work environment and working conditions
8. Social protection and insurance

The process of CWA is explained here.

1 A CWA does not have the status of a European Standard. It involves no obligation at national level.

Intellectual output n°2 :
The CWA on European Criteria for Quality Internships is available : here

Leading partner organization:
Association Française de Normalisation (AFNOR)