The standardization process is carried out via a “CEN workshop” (CEN is the European Committee for Standardization).
   - Such a workshop is a consensus working group driven and open to direct participation of any interested party.

   - The participants who will be involved in this workshop will develop the draft of the CEN workshop Agreement (CWA)*.
   - This document will be approved and the final version will be published at the beginning of 2020.

The CEN workshop (CW) that will be carried out within the framework of SPRINT project is called CEN WS 95. It will develop a  European quality framework for internships by mapping and comparing legislations related to internships in the EU member states and by identifying good practices to ensure the quality of an internship.

The CEN workshop Agreement will be developped as follows:
1. Preparatory stage (April-November 2018)
   - April-June 2018 / Preparation of CW project plan.
   - July 3rd-4th 2018 / Approval of documents by SPRINT partners : CW project plan, self-assessment, agenda of the kick-off meeting.
   - September 2018 / 30 days open commenting phase on CEN website: CEN workshop project plan was publicly available for comments.                                    
   - November 2018 / CEN Workshop Kick-off meeting : November, 9th 2018.

2. Production stage (November 2018-July 2019)
   - November 2018-January 2019 / Draft as input for CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) by SPRINT partners.
   - January 2019 / Writing of the CEN workshop participant list.
   - January-July 2019 / Production of draft CWA by SPRINT partners and CEN workshop participants.
3. Approval stage (August 2019-January 2020)
   - September-October 2019 / 60 days open commenting phase by CEN : draft CWA will be publicly available for comments on CEN website.
   - November 2019 / Disposition of comments on draft CWA.
   - January 2020 / Comments resolution and information will be sent to CEN BT for the final approval.
   - March 2020  / When CWA is approved by CEN, it will be publicly available on CEN website. 

* The CWA will contain the results of the research that will lead to identify best practices and indicators for quality internship to be promoted in the standard.
The final version of CWA will present the core, where all the best practices and criteria will be gathered in the standard to ensure quality internship. These best practices and criteria will be promoted in SPRINT project. It will represent the expertise, based on existing best practices, input from broader public and final consensus among all different stakeholders.
The CWA will present the broad agreement on the standardisation on quality internship. It is a consensus-based document, where all relevant aspects will be included.

Specific objective:
The aim of the CEN workshop Agreement (CWA) is to provide a holistic overview of best practices and criteria that should be applied for quality internship and to propose them at the European level.

O2 report:
The report corresponds to CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) and it will be available at the beginning of 2020 on CEN website.

Leading organization:
Association Française de Normalisation (AFNOR)