O3 - Guide for implementation process of quality internships for host organizations

Specific objective:
The objective of this guide was to provide useful information for successful implementations of the CWA on European Criteria for Quality Internships (O2). It aims to empower stakeholders not only with the necessary information about criteria for quality internships, but also with its concrete application into their organization.

This guide is divided into the following sections:

1. The presentation of the SPRINT project and the CWA.
2. The reasons why host organizations should want to follow the recommendations proposed by the CWA and the benefits they can obtain from it.
3. Tips and guidance on each key quality criteria set by the CWA :

  • recruitment (3.1)
  • written (tripartite) agreement (3.2)
  • remuneration (3.3)
  • skills acquisition (3.4)
  • tutoring (3.5)
  • career development and employment (3.6)
  • work environment and working conditions (3.7)
  • social protection and insurance (3.8)

4. A brief overview of the online self-assessment tool developed to help host organizations to test and assess their approach regarding internships.
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Trade Union Youth Plus