Output N°5 / O5 : Training material for university career services staff training : the guide on quality internships for Higher Education Institutions

Specific objectives:
The objectives of this guide are:
- To sensibilize the European Higher Education Institutions' career services to the notion of a "quality internship" and the interest it represents for students, host organizations and Higher Education Institutions;
- To give the tools they need to communicate the information related to the European criteria on quality internships.

This guide is divided into the following parts:

1. Advantages of quality internships for Higher Education Institutions (HEI);
2. Guide on quality internships for Higher Education Institutions services :
  . Prepare the internships: recruitment, written agreement, remuneration;
  . Supervise internships : skills development, tutoring, career development and employment, work environment and working conditions, social protection and insurance;
  . Follow the interns after the internships;
  . Internships abroad;
  . Check list.
3. Annexes:
  . Presentation of the SPRINT's results
  . Sources - Guides' examples

Intellectual output n°5:
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