O1 : Research on indicators and standards for quality internships

Description :
The end goal of SPRINT project was to work on a unique quality standard for internships in Europe (O2). 
The implementation and future success of this standard depended on its capacity to adapt to any legislation and be responsive to all stakeholders’ expectations.
In order to guarantee the project success and impact, it was crucial to research on the influencers in the good implementation of the standard – such as legal and national contexts.

Specific objectives:
1- Identification of existing standards on internships and their quality indicators that already exist in different countries;
2- Mapping and comparison of legislations on internships in the EU member countries;
3- Development of a common definition of “internship” for the whole Europe;
4- Identification of good practices especially in the academic and mobility programmes context to ensure quality of the internship;
5- Identification of the stakeholders working on the internship issue;
6- Identification of other possible barriers for the implementation of the standard in a given context;
7- Identification of the best public context (in terms of public policies and regional / national priorities) to launch the consultation phase ;
8- Gathering any other relevant data for the creation and dissemination of the standard.

O1 report:
3 documents make up the O1:
- 1 / Mapping of legislations :
  General report on internships legislation in the European Union and Switzerland
  Appendix 1 : employment, internships and traineeships insurance in EU
  Appendix 2 : list of organizations and union trades in EU
- 2 / Survey on needs and barriers of stakeholders in implementing quality internships;
- 3 / Analyse of best practices on quality internships.

Leading partner organization:
Université Paul Valéry Montpellier 3